What makes it different?
The Transformer is the only revolutionary folding scooter available in the USA that’s easy to use, ultra-portable, and can be folded with a remote control or manually depending on a customer’s preference. The Transformer folds and unfolds easily, fits in any vehicle, and is ideal for travel.

How fast can it go?
The Transformer can take you at a maximum speed of 4 mph and up to 20 km/13.7 miles per charge. However, distance and speed may vary on terrain, road surface, and the rider’s weight.

What are its available colors?
The Transformer comes in three vivid color options namely Red, Blue, Yellow, and Black.

What batteries does it use?
The Transformer is energized by a 25.9V/10Ah Lithium battery system. It uses a DC24V/2A off-board automatic protection charger.

How much weight can it carry?
The Transformer is designed to carry a maximum weight of 300 lbs. to support both the rider and any cargo.


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